Bubbles & glitter

A couple of years ago I would've dressed up in something sparkling and spent the night drinking cocktails and bubbles with friends. This year I'm working and then spending a quiet night with the family. Suspect that come midnight they'll have to wake me up because I'm sleeping on the sofa. Life changes, and quickly sometimes. But I'm happy with where I am, it feels right, right now. Still like the golden dresses though... maybe next year. And there will be some bubbles, but by the glass instead of the bottle ;) Happy new year!


Sunshine, please

Had the most wonderful white christmas at home with family and friends. Loved every second. Now, however, I'm kind of craving some sun,.. still looking forward to New Years, of course, but after that I'm happy for spring to come around, the sooner the better :)


I'm already in love, but I wouldn't mind a tan...

Okay so I remember why I have spent the last five winters away from Sweden. It gets very very dark and cold here. But, I always miss "christmas time" when I'm away, and I guess we can call all of december christmas time, so I'll try to savor it. I mean, who knows where I'll be next year :)


Leather pants

I've been looking for a pair of leather pants for longer than I can even remember. I've been looking everywhere, London, Sydney, Sweden, you name it, always looking. And finally, in Invercargill, New Zealand I finally found a pair! Now I want to wear them all the time, I like all the looks above, keep it simple :)