Okay, so London is being very Londonish and it's been raining more or less constantly for the last couple of days. The umbrella is my new best friend. I'm very seriously thinking about buying a pair of black Hunter boots (I still haven't got a pair of proper winter boots, it's all Converse for me, love 'em, but not optimal for rain unfortunately)

Other than the weather, I'm just counting the days now (I know it's getting old, sorry) til I go home.

Bought a 10 day card for Jivamukti Yoga, so I'm getting really into that, two days of 90 min classes and my body is aching, but in a good way, so tomorrow I'm off again. A bit of a mission to get to Ladbroke Grove, especially since I'm going in the morning and the tube is as mad as ever, but well worth it when I'm there.

I don't have much more to say at the moment, I know the blogs been a bit slow lately, but I've finished my transcribing for a while now, so it should pick up, stay tuned.


MIA said...

I love custom umbrellas. just so cool. mine has a zebra standart. cutee

Anonymous said...

Love your blog<3
And I love the fact that you live in London. British accents are hothothot.

Fashion Wh0re said...

Love the picture...and i Love your blog

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melissamilis said...

very nice blog-keep it up:)

Inspiration in Italy said...

Love these photos and I know exactly what you mean! Commuting all over Rome certainly requires an umbrella with any chance of rain...at least umbrellas can be quite cute! Great post, Love. ♥


fashionable palette said...

What a great collage!

tanvi @ now craving said...

I have a multicolored polka dot umbrella from Totes - it may be silly to some, but it makes so happy, which is important on a rainy day.

umarasw said...

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