Good morning Thursday


Some people read the morning paper, I've got a blog list!

To me it's like a ritual. In the mornings, I make a nice big latte (my life standard improved since moving to London and getting a proper coffee machine. When I get my own place that will be the first thing I'll buy, never mind a bed, just gimme good coffee and I'll be happy!) and I start going through blogs.

You might think, who would put up blog posts first thing in the morning (well,me obviously)? But actually, since it's a big world, with many time zones, I have quite a lot of catching up to do! Which I love. Blogs really are a treat. There are so many out there, featuring everything you could ever imagine, written by so many talented, creative people. And you get them updated everyday, for free!

But now it's time to take hold on my own life, my real life, I need to be very productive today, ant it might be the sun (or it might be the coffee) but I'm feeling really motivated to get started!

Love you lots




Johanna said...

samma här.

Veronika said...

Jag med :)