Some pics and thoughts on fashion inspiration.








(Vogue Paris & UK, altamiranyc, fushiagroan, ?)

I'm loving these looks, just throw a scarf and maybe a hat on and you're all set! I always have streetstyle pics on as screen saver and a glossy mag or two laying around, open on some inspirational editorial.

It's not about dressing just as the people on the pics, the inspiration I'm after is more of a feeling, like, you know, instead of throwing on a pair of tracksuit bottoms, skip make-up and do a messy ponytail (not messy in a good way) it just inspires me to actually make some effort in getting dressed.

To some, this might seem like, I don't know, like of course you make an effort, but honestly, working as an au pair (and I can really relate to stay-at-home mommies as well) it's just like, frankly you don't care, and no one else cares.

Showing up at an office like that people might raise an eyebrow, doing the school run looking like a mess is nothing strange.

So, inspiration, without it, I would be a mess (now I'm the most glamours girl in Kentish Town, ehhm, well, something like that).

Fashion is fun. It's not about showing off, it's about felling good about oneself. Today I wore a silk dress. And sunglasses (it wasn't even sunny) and felt great.

Might start doing outfit pics again, what do you think, yes, no? That's another thing that got me motivated to get a little bit dressed up.

Anyway, i need to get back to typing, rant over for this time.

Love you lots

xoxo S


Emelie said...

Haha, vad roligt! Dig kommer jag ihåg, kan vara pga att jag har en bild på oss två när vi var på min storebrors avslutning på Karlshovsskolan för många år sen. :) Stämmer att vi gick i samma klass på Folkpark, där går min bror nu ;) Jag fortsatte inte med resten av gänget efter tvåan utan bytte skola till Oxelbergen eftersom vi flyttade dit.
Hur är det med dig nuförtiden? :) Kul att du skrev! Kram

thowelina said...

jag ÄLSKAR din blogg! åh.

hannahlizabeth said...

and isn't it amazing what a blazer can do? i love the second pic, her hat is perfect.


liana said...

2nd pic is my pick!!
love the stripes, the belted jeans, the bag (hermes??)

love love love your blog!